Dating Fails


You Get What You Ask For

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Alternate Title: Quotes That Should Make You Rethink Your Choices

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10 Things That Will Change In Your Life Once You Move In With Your Partner

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Great Thinking, Gumshoe

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Dating Dispatches: Sorry About The Cancer And Dumping You, But We're Cool On The Tickets, Right?

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Keep Your Dignity AND Your Face-Warmer

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Your Girlfriend's Friends

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Buckle Up and Watch This Russian Race Car Driver Take His Terrified Girlfriend For A Hell Ride

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This Didn't Go As Expected

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Crazy Girlfriend Mantis Wants To Have A Talk

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That's His Girl Now

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DO Copy That Floppy

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Being Single Really Does Save You Money

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Girlfriends Describe Their Boyfriends' Junk To A Police Sketch Artist

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You're Always Texting Her, "Yes."

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The Ol' Bait And Switch

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