Dating Fails


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Wrestle With Your Girlfriend WWE Style!

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The Power of the Hoodie

spongebob hoodie girlfriend meme
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Will You Bee Mine?

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Relationship Memes To Send To Your Special Someone

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What if Your Girlfriend Was Actually Crazy

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Playing Hard to Catch

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Girl Trolls Virtual Reality-Immersed Boyfriend With Adele Performance to Capture Modern Valentine's Day Struggles

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The Saddest Instagram Photo Ever Taken

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I Saw Him First!

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This Guy is Getting a Great Workout While Trying to be Taller Than His Girlfriend

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Kidnapping Your Girlfriend In Broad Daylight

Kidnapping Your Girlfriend In Broad Daylight
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That's a Smile That Would Charm Any Dude

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I Love You From Here To The Shroom

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A Man's Got to Have Priorities

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Not Again!

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Without a Girlfriend You're a Mess, Admit It

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