Dating Fails


PDA Looks Just as Stupid

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By ToolBee

The Thirst Is Strong

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Direct, Yet Romantic

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By Unknown

Now They Can Be Creepy Together!

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By Unknown

I'm Falling for You

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By Unknown

The Perks of Being a Dance Instructor

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By Unknown

The 3 Tenets Of Masculine Manly Manhood

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By Unknown

Consider Your Options

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By Unknown

True Love Is Only a Swipe Away

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Via D Bo

What a Cute Couple

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By Unknown

Actually, Spraying That on Your Back Is NOT a Good Idea

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By Unknown

Say No More

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Them Maroon 5 Feels

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Via juicejuicedagawd

This Sunday, It's The Big Gayme!

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By Unknown

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

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By Unknown
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