Dating Fails


Forever Alonely Christmas

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Getting Harassed in the Club? Just Pretend to be Deaf


That Moment You Know It's Destiny

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Well Hello, Leo

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Husband Saves His Wife From A Foul Ball and Himself From Being in the Dog House if He Hadn't

win gif husband catches foul ball to save wife at baseball game
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Expression Says More Than Words Ever Could

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Carl Sagan Is Omnisexual

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Love Hurts

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Them Maroon 5 Feels

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Ever Had A First Date Like This? I Have

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It's All Part of the Ceremony

dating wedding gifs It's All Part of the Ceremony
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Kids at That Age. So Awkward

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He Must Be an Avid Golfer

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You're Only With Me For My Swag

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The Thirst Is Strong

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Gettin' Handsy

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