Dating Fails


I'll Pass

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Emily And Her Mom Need To Have A Talk

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Because This Totally Won't Appear on His GF's News Feed

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Heart's Gone Missing

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It's October So Why Not Read a Chillingly Creepy Tale of a Dead Girlfriend Haunting a Facebook Inbox?

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nice guys that failed to realize how crazy they are being

10 Ridiculous Times Nice Guys Failed To Recognize Their Own Rude Insanity

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This Gal is Going Places

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In Need of a Sacrifice

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Relationship Status: Hostage Situation

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Teasing For Snickers and Giggles

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It Burned Fast and Bright

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Plot Twist of The Day: Man "Cheats" on His Wife With Woman at Target, Writes Viral Facebook Post

Plot Twist of The Day: Man "Cheats" on His Wife With Woman at Target, Writes Viral Facebook Post
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dad uses memes

Savage Dad Uses Memes to Shut Down Thirsty Kid Trying to Chat Up His Daughter

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The Trap is Set, Just Be Patient

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You Don't Have to Look Far to Find More Fails

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