Dating Fails


You Can't Trust Anyone

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The Trap is Set, Just Be Patient

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Mom Goes Ape Sh*t on Her Son for Stupid, Mildly Sexist Facebook Post

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What are You Trying to Imply Here?

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More Reason Wedding Rings Should Be in Brass Knuckle Form

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By jc2581
guy's friend ruins his chances with a girl

Guy's Friend Blows His Chances With Girl On Facebook While He's Busy Playing Video Games

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When Your Tinder Game is On Point

funny facebook win tinder game is on point
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Please Apply Below

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Any Takers?

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Boyfriend by Nair

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By butterflyperception
tinder troll  pulls some move for epic trolling

Guy Becomes the Admin of a Confederate Facebook Group and Pulls off Greatest Trolling of All Time

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One Woman's Response to a Saleswoman's Accidental Insult of Her Engagement Ring is Something We Should All Take to Heart

heartwarming dating image woman responds to saleswoman's insult of her engagement ring is amazing
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Then You Just Press Replay

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These Grandparents Are the Paradigm of Relationship Goals and Need Your Help

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Feelings For Someone I Care About Very Much

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Love Story of the Day: Woman Posts Engagement Photos With Life-Size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Balloon

Woman Posts Engagement Photos With Life-Size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Balloon Leonardo
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