Dating Fails

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Do You Think This Advertisement is Trying to Suggest Something?

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The Sordid Tale of Hodor's Prosthetic Junk

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Some People Would PAY For Those!

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Thanks for the Heads Up, Cumber-Bro!

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Restaurant of the Day: A Male Version of Hooters Called Tallywackers is Opening in Texas

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A More Romantic Sentiment You'll Never Find

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Would You Get Caught?

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I Cast a Spell on You

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A Love Letter from a Man... to His... Little Man

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Way to be Inclusive, Franceska

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Whatcha Thinking About?

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Florida, Where Men Know What to Give a Woman

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The Old "Tiny Dong Defense"

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Not the Most Subtle Imagery

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Real Friends Reach the Parts That Count

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How Much is Each State Packing?

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