Dating Fails

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This Bathroom Approves of You

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High Fives All Around, Courtesy of the Little Purple Pill

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The Sordid Tale of Hodor's Prosthetic Junk

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Dude Problems: Shaving Woes

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Is that Supposed to be a Box or Something?

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This Guy Just Got Shot Down Hard

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Why the Tape Measure is the Most Important Tool in the House

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If Viagra Commercials Were Honest

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Way to be Inclusive, Franceska

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Somebody Must Have Seen This Coming

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Brazil's Cancer Awareness Mascot is Not Doing Any Favors for Public Health

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Did Anybody Else Hear a Rimshot?

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This is What Happens When a Woman Turns the Tables in Online Dating Objectification

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Thanks for the Heads Up, Cumber-Bro!

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That's Honesty for You

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A Little Home-Made Fun for Him This Season

Knitta Please chicken dude parts puns get it - 7946588160
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