Dating Fails


Just Say No

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Alcohol is the Cure For All Forms of Loneliness

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dating beer sign Brrrrrr
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Why You Should Never Tell Your Wife to Shut Up

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Yep, That's Pretty Much How I Feel

valentine's day is a day for drinking
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Interestingly Enough She Didn't Find It As Funny as Drunk Me Did

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Funny web comics featuring candy hearts, dark humor, tommy siegel, relationships, dating, love, marriage. | HALF- LISTENING AND PLANNING WILL SAY ABOUT IS TALK ABOUT MYSELF TIME MYSELF loay | IM DRUNBK BORED

These Candy Heart Comics Are A Depressingly Real Look At Dating & Relationships

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Never Drinking Again, The Musical!

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She Doesn't Love Me Like You Do, Beer

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Patriotic Pick-Up Lines

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Guy texts girlfriend that he's going to a bar for a drink and ends up hopping a plane to Ibiza with buddies to party like crazy.

Bro Texts His Girlfriend He's Going to Bar For a Drink, Hops On A Plane With Friends to Ibiza to Get Lit

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What's A Pretty Thing Like Me Doing In A Place Like My House?

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Funny drunk texts and texts from the morning after.

Entertaining & Dubious Texts From Drunk Nights and the Morning After

Drink responsibly.
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Aww, That's Precious

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He Remembered!

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What A Gentleman

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