Dating Fails


Sometimes You Just Need to Shout it to the World

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Announce Your Divorce on a Bar Sign

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These Prices *Literally* Won't Last Long

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Time to Find an Optometrist <3

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She Really Is a Sweetheart

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His Wife Just "Let it Go" And Then Filed for Divorce.

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The Last Letter of a Desperate Man

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Divorce lawyers share stories of the worst ways they've seen people screw over their spouses.

40 Divorce Lawyers Share the Worst Ways They've Seen People Screw Over Their Spouses

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Kris Humphries' Worst Year Ever Gets Worse

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English Millionaire Asks Ex-Wife to Stay on As His Cleaning Lady

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A Scorned Ex-Husband Buys the House Next to His Former Wife and Adds This Lovely Addition

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14 Shameless Homewreckers Share Stories That'll Make Your Blood Boil

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That Would End Any Marriage

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Dating on the Fast Track

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reasons couples divorce

20 Divorce Lawyers Share Craziest Reasons Their Clients Filed For Divorce

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