Dating Fails


Take My Ex... Please!

Ad posted to Craigslist of a guy who is asking for someone to date his ex-wife so that she leave him alone already.
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Celebrate Your Divorce By Lifting the Cage From This Cake

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The Sale of the Scorned

sign divorce free stuff funny - 7833602816
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Divorced You, I Have

funny dating image star wars divorce cake
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The Last Letter of a Desperate Man

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Happiest Day Of Their Life

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We Must Go to the Fires of Mt. Pre-Nup

Lord of the Rings nerdgasm divorce comic funny g rated dating - 7753973760
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No More Chubby Hubby

Ad divorce husband weight loss - 5659426560
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woman celebrates her divorce

A Woman Celebrated Her Divorce by Smashing Cakes with a Bat and a Photo Shoot

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His Wife Just "Let it Go" And Then Filed for Divorce.

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If You Laughed at This, You're Just as Bad of a Person as Us

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The Best Reason for Divorce

marriage avril lavigne nickelback divorce funny dating g rated - 8323236352
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Frasier Knows the Pains of Divorce

ex wife divorce - 8374141952
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It's Ruined Everything!

divorce gay marriage - 6602726144
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Announce Your Divorce on a Bar Sign

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couples getting divorced

14 Times Married Couples Failed To Get Divorces Due To Unforeseen Circumstances

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