Dating Fails

dating fails

I'm So Ready for May

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The Green Lantern is Gay, Ryan Reynolds Assures People That He is Not

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people reveal their weirdest dating stories | thumbnail text - texasblonde @texasblonde22 Replying LizerReal Went meet guy stopped and sat on bench. He grabbed my keys and started playing with my pepper spray and pepper sprayed himself face. Date over.

People Tweet About Their Weirdest, Most Awkward First Dates Ever

Because dating is hardly a walk in the park
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Let's Hear it For the Fifth Wheel!

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Too Sexy For All Of The Above

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Wedding Songs Make Old Lovers Nostalgic

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Hindsight is Always 20/20

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The Art of Seduction, By Christoph Waltz

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If Pregnant Women Get To Do It, So Do They

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Thought I Was Proposing, Did You?

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Awww Yea Get Me Some of Dat Hydrogen

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Perfectly Aged Feelings, Right?

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I Must Be Hallucinating Then

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Gifted With Great Size, You Are

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Dating Fails: Let's Not Make Any Bad Decisions Tonight

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