Dating Fails

dating fails

Well Now I Feel Way Better

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Both Profoundly Creepy and Kind of a Confidence Booster

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I Don't Think That Rhymes

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Dalek Just Wants to Love You

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Via Kicking Cones

Hey Baby, Let's Get Mathematical

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Scheduled Sexytime is the Best Sexytime

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And Pizza Loves You Too

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Personally That Just Sounds Like a Challenge

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If You're Gonna Make Out in Public, This is Your Punishment

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Yes. Yes You Should.

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She'll Be Jealous Of All His New Achievements, Though

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This Kid Has a Dating Profile

Picture of a kid and his mom on his dating profile.
Via unknown
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You Keep Using That Word...

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That's The Best Kind of Cuddling

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She's Just So Damn Whimsical!

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