Dating Fails


This Dudebro Makes a Dirty Joke About an Adult Video Star and All He Got Out of it Was a Date With Her. Wait, WHAT?

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My Date With the Sexiest Man Alive

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A Very Special Vegetable

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Lunchables in the City of Lights

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Press for Romance

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They Call it the "Whopper" Anniversary

Yahoo Answers what to do if you want a $30 date.

Dating in the Modern Age

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I Hope Your Date Is Good at Chemistry

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A Good Way to Show You Care

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Representing A Successful Date Through Interpretive Dance

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10 Ways to End a Date QUICKLY

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Also, Your Server is on a Hike in the Andes Right Now

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You're Going to Have a Grape Time

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You Just Don't Get It

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dating a stuck up dude

Classic Twitter Thread Describes Insufferable Failed Date with Pretentious Dude

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And The Plaid Stands Alone

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