Dating Fails


Ladies Need a Date for Thanksgiving?

Funny tattooed guy who posted on Craigslist that he is willing to be someone's fake dinner date to Thanksgiving to get the parents off her case.
Via Craigslist

I Hope Your Date Is Good at Chemistry

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Her Date Was a Bit Stiff at First, but it All Worked Out in the End

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You're Going to Have a Grape Time

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Oh Ice Cream Girlfriend, You're a CARD

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My Date With the Sexiest Man Alive

date fantasy We Are Dating - 5460979712

I Can't Wait for My Hot Date With Ryan Gosling

date fake magazine Ryan Gosling We Are Dating - 5386788864
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Finally, a Place to Take Your Significant Other for Dinner!

sign date restaurant funny g rated dating - 7472231168
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date world cup funny Video dating g rated - 59772929

Ian Darke Calls a Date

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A Good Way to Show You Care

forever alone depressing date funny phone Sad - 8248804352
Via Lechantilly

At Least This Guy Can't Get Stood Up!

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Lunchables in the City of Lights

date romantic funny - 7859219968

Going on a Hot Date?

forever alone date Barbie funny - 7710329600
Via Cubicle Bot
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What if Your First Date Was Like an Action movie?

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Also, Your Server is on a Hike in the Andes Right Now

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Press for Romance

date romance funny g rated dating - 8402505472
Via You Bore Me To Death
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