Dating Fails


There's a Lovely Visual

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It's Everything You Imagined and More!

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Age-Appropriate Condoms

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On the Left, the Present You Need, on the Right the Future You Don't Want

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Hey Your Competitors' Crappy Contraceptives are Responsible for My Existence

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Ed Hardy Condoms: Because Your Penis Might as Well Dress Like a Douchebag

christian audiger
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She Has a Bright Modeling Career Ahead of Her

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The Very Best Way to Put on a Condom

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Well. This is Awkward.

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Made Especially for People Who Finish as Prematurely as She Finished Her Term as Governor

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That's One Sexy Game Card

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Only If It's Been Washed Thoroughly

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While Supplies Last

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Brilliant Teacher Finds a Sneaky Way to Teach Kids How to Properly Use Condoms, Because in Mississippi That's Illegal

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The UK Has a Good Sense of Humor About Sex

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