Dating Fails


STD  aka Sexually Transmitted Diseases, are infections that can be spread by various sexual activities. 

Who Doesn't Love a Good STD?!

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Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Venereal

breaking up ex revenge STD sti Ten Ways to Break Up - 5308695808
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Time to Get Tested

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You Should Check Your Phrasing

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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the States With the Most and Least STD Cases

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More Than We Ever Needed to Know About This Couple

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I Don't Think ANYONE Wants That For Valentine's Day

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Fridgeboard Confessional

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how can a book have herpes?
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Where it All Began

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Got it Yet?

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DO NOT Sit on That Bench

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The Cake Helps With the Sadness

congratulations, here's a cookie cake with your herpes
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