Dating Fails


STD  aka Sexually Transmitted Diseases, are infections that can be spread by various sexual activities. 

Um, No Thanks?

Pillow no thanks STD - 6893959168
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And Sadness. Don't Forget Sadness

STD the office - 6373017856
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Rough Rider

aids sex positions STD sti We Are Dating - 5439108864

This Is How You Get Herpes

wtf STD herpes funny dating - 8377895168
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DO NOT Sit on That Bench

eww STD funny bench - 8421159936
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Plan B! It's Super Effective!

birth control condom Pokémon protection STD sti We Are Dating - 5064962048
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The Cake Helps With the Sadness

congratulations, here's a cookie cake with your herpes
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Threat Level Orange

condoms STD twitter - 5647220736
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Keep Your Pokeballs Clean

Pokémon school poster STD funny dating - 8362309120
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You Should Check Your Phrasing

wtf STD sexy times funny dating - 8101294080
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They Run Only Because it Burns

running STD - 6175740672
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That's One Connection He Wishes He Missed

aids craigslist hiv missed connections STD sti We Are Dating - 5085307136
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Probably Safer to By Condoms Instead of Flowers Then.

sign STD flowers funny Valentines day - 8058074112
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Time to Get Tested

comics STD sexy times funny - 8200626432

Where it All Began

funny idiots jersey shore STD - 8264061440
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More Than We Ever Needed to Know About This Couple

TMI STD oh god why sti couple - 7472229632
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