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Crazy stories from one night stands, one night stands, gross one night stands, secrets, sex, casual sex.

25 People Dish The Dirty Details Of Their Craziest One Night Stands

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whisper confessions about the perils of installing security cameras that you may not have considered at first

13 Hilarious Unexpected Moments Caught on Security Cameras When Fools Thought Nobody Was Looking

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cringe Awkward prom Video dating - 70344193

Things Get Awkward Fast When This Guy Attempts an Elaborate Promposal

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Awkward girlfriend cheating dating - 86220545

Boyfriend Trusts Girlfriend With Personal Trainer, Proceeds to Get Brutally Destroyed

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Probably Happens More Often Than You Think

Awkward chatting internet to catch a predator - 6320417792
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Awkward texting hiding - 74856449

When You're Ignoring Someone's Text But They See You In Public

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Cringeworthy stories of the worst sex that people have ever had will make you shudder terribly. | Preacher's daughter kept telling Hurt pagan boy over and over again while she laid there and refused do anything.

These 40 NSFW Cringeworthy Stories of the Worst Sex People Have Had Will Make You Shudder Uncontrollably

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Entertaining Tinder profiles and conversations from particularly humorous individuals into modern dating game.

Fresh Collection of 5-Star Tinder Profiles We Fell In Love With

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Awkward Date Moment

Awkward dating - 6832160768
Created by Ivanna Cumalot
Ten people reveal the most awkward times they've walked in on couples having sex.

People Reveal Top 10 Worst Times They've Walked In On Someone

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Girl live-tweets terrible first date with massive hipster douchebag that claims he looks like James Franco.

Woman Live-Tweets Horrific First Date With Massive Hipster Douchebag That Looks Like James Franco

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Girl Texts Guy Insult in an Attempt to Flirt, and Ends up Getting Stonewalled after Some Serious Awkwardness

Via Elite Daily
20 of the most brutal rejections people have ever suffered through while on the dating app, Tinder.

20 of the Most Brutal Rejections Poor Roasted Souls Have Endured On Tinder

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Waiting a Few Weeks to Ask a Girl to Pay You Back For a Drink Isn't Awkward and Petty At All, Right?

funny fail image guy awkwardly asks girl to pay him back for drink he bought her weeks ago
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girl farting during tinder date

Girl Comes Clean About Farting and Dashing During Tinder Date

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Aggressive texter bombards guy's phones with paragraphs | Oh shoot. So sorry did not mean send s little embarrassing My old phone didn't allow send videos and since just got this one on Thursday still trying see can do and dunno pressed scrolling through my gallery but total accident and now really embarrassed so 's best don't talk anymore ?

Woman Bombards Man's Phone With Storm Of Texts

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