Dating Fails


Turning For Romance

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People share the giveaways that reveal someone's lack of sexual experience.

25 People Share the Dead Giveaways That Reveal Someone's Sexual Inexperience

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Traumatized daughter is somehow in her mom's group chat.

Traumatized Daughter Was Caught In Her Mom's Cringeworthy Sexting Crossfire

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list KISS Awkward Memes - 1256709

When a Kiss Becomes Something Else Entirely, It's Time to Sing 'Mr. Brightside'

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Awkward pick-up lines - 36711681

I've Been Going About Things All Wrong Apparently

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FAIL Awkward sex toys dating - 1878277

Dude Fails Terribly, Learns the Hard Way Sex Toys Are Definitely Better Not Left Out

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trolling Awkward prank - 78531073

Let the Gentle Caress of a Stranger's Hand Make Your Escalator Ride Uncomfortable as Hell

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Well, That's Wicked Awkward

boyfriend Awkward daughter funny - 8299977472
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Guy tries to make another girl jealous through texting conversation by pretending that he has a girlfriend and it backfires.

Idiot Pretends to Have Girlfriend to Make Another Chick Jealous and It Backfires Horribly

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Nope Nope and Nope

Awkward - 5339760384
FAIL uber Awkward romance live tweet love funny - 1239813

Girl Live-Tweets Her Suspenseful Attempt at Hooking Up With Uber Driver

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Waiting a Few Weeks to Ask a Girl to Pay You Back For a Drink Isn't Awkward and Petty At All, Right?

funny fail image guy awkwardly asks girl to pay him back for drink he bought her weeks ago
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FAIL cringe Awkward texting dating - 1306117

These Cringe-Inducing Conversations Are Guaranteed to Leave Your Skin Crawling After Reading Them

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...Thanks a Lot

Awkward comic rage comic We Are Dating - 5422417408
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Super Socially Awkward Dude Shares Devastating Story About His Failed Romantic Move on Star Wars Date

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Maybe She's Not That Into You

Awkward gifs kissing Kiss Cam cringe dating - 8170503936