Dating Fails


MILFs share the cringiest and saddest stories of advances they've received from younger men.

31 MILFs Share Stories of Saddest and Cringiest Advances They've Received From Younger Men

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You Wish Your Couples Photo Could Look This Good

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Collection of awkward times people blurted out cringeworthy things to their crushes.

43 Terribly Embarrassed People Share the Most Cringeworthy Things They've Ever Said to Their Crushes

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Thanks, Mom...

cake Awkward parenting apology dating - 8294925824
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sex-ed class cringe questions

People Share the Most Cringe-Worthy and Hilarious Questions That Were Asked During Their Sex-Ed Classes

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the saddest loneliest cringe photos you'll ever experience while sitting crying on the floor

12 Shameless Moments Of Sad Cringe To Make You Feel Better About Your Worst Days

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FAIL Awkward baseball Video - 980997

Watch This Dude Lose Ring during His Failed Marriage Proposal Attempt, in Front of Millions of People

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couples getting divorced

14 Times Married Couples Failed To Get Divorces Due To Unforeseen Circumstances

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Awkward sexual tension touching We Are Dating whoops - 29971969

The Sexual Tension Is So Thick You Can Cut It With A Knife

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bridezilla, wedding, wedding drama, fail, ridiculous, trashy

Pathological Liar Bridezilla Tries To Get Married In A Month, Berates Maid Of Honor, Has Terrible Wedding

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Awkward running love dating - 80064001

Running in the Shape of a Heart Is the Perfect Pickup Line to Start an Awkward Conversation

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The Secondhand Cringe From This Dude's First Date Follow Up Is Excruciating

cringeworthy first date text exchange will make you sweat beads of awkwardness
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Sup, Girl?

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Awkward Date Moment

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By Ivanna Cumalot
cringe Awkward Video dating Valentines day - 85223937

The Sexual Tension Is Stifling As Couples Describe the First and Last Time They Had Sex

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Awkward conversation dating first date sketch - 32115201

Pre-Date Strategy Planning

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