Message Received

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A Girl's Got to Have Standards

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Autocowrecks: Whales Within Whales

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The Best Part of this Comic is the Pie

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Okay, SUPER Mega Best Friends

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Texts with Grumpy Cat

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Sext Assist

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But "Shot in the Head" Whale Didn't Bother You?

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Eyes Up Here, Buddy

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pictures of conversation between guy who rejects girl on tinder who has a massive meltdown | Hey 31 May 2016 Good morning hope u have great day! 1 June 2016 Do u not wanna talk Good morning Hi Samantha, sorry started seeing someone around time matched don't want lead on yesterday Oh 's cool so sorry messaged u mean would love get know u sometime sorry wasn't worth | Psh only reason why people match with u is cuz ur good looking if u weren't then prob no one would match with u Oh wait lol prob ug

Guy Politely Rejects Girl On Tinder, She Has Aggressive Meltdown

Not everyone takes rejection well
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Just Text Each Other You Both Have Your Phones Out Ugh

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Sadism, My Only Turn-On

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Learn How to Be the Bearer of Bad News

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iPhone Invaders

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I Sea What You Did There

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Oooooo This is Awkward...

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