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A Handy Shortcut

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Created by mysockhurts

This is Neither the Time Nor the Face

emoticons sexting funny AutocoWrecks - 7485735424

A Different Kind of Sexting

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Oh Yeah Baby, Lather Up That Johnson & Johnsons

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Created by Julie

Sex on the Go

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Be Careful Who You Sext

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Via Sample Messages

Cheesecake Centerfold

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Had Too Much Scotch

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Hey I Tried

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Check Out What Just Got Added to the Dictionary

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The Sexual SMS Misadventures of Bad Luck Brian

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But I'm So Big and Awesome: A Cautionary Tale

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Not the Sexting!

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Sexting is Dangerous, Kids!

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Via Mashable

Autocowrecks: How to Handle a Complete Stranger Who Keeps Offering to Exchange Dirty Pics for Money

AutocoWrecks dirty pics Hall of Fame police sexting stranger trolling - 5955436288
Via Reddit
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