Whoda Thunk?

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Created by Unknown

I Sense Much Hotness in You

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I'm Too Sexty for This Phone

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Created by Unknown

Moms Can't Sext!

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Created by charva1

Top of the Class

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Created by Unknown

Autocowrecks: I Was Just Supposed to Say the Dimples Part to Myself

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Created by brandi3981

Because Butts LOL

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Created by Unknown

But the Only Thing Showing Was My... Ohhh No, Not Worth It

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Via Reddit

Smells Like Tuna

Cats dating relationships sexting shaved shaving vag - 5797858304
Created by Unknown

A Different Kind of Sexting

text funny sexting AutocoWrecks - 7796907264
Created by Unknown

I Find Your Lack of Nudity Disturbing

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Created by Unknown

Oh Yeah Baby, Lather Up That Johnson & Johnsons

baby child parenting sexting - 5241997824
Created by Unknown

Blue-Ball Sexting

dating relationships sext sexting - 5815080448
Created by Unknown

Awww Yeah That Firm Tight Flow

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Created by Unknown

Sexting is Dangerous, Kids!

kids these days mashable sexting - 6399370240
Via Mashable

From Innocuity to Filth in Nanoseconds

dirty emoticon gay pr0n sex sexting - 5986207232
Created by Shy Allott
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