Had Too Much Scotch

Hall of Fame pun sex sexting tape - 5902151680
Created by Unknown

He Needs to Clam Up

AutocoWrecks bad jokes g rated Hall of Fame joke mobile phones ocean pun puns sea texting - 5603724544
Created by Unknown

Leaked Photo of the iPhone 5!

DIY iphone ipod landline pun - 5530863360
Created by Unknown

You're the Bono to my Africa

band dating flirting Music pun relationships - 5922335744
Created by Unknown

I'm Surprised It's Not an Eye Phone

cell phone contacts glasses pun puns - 5959753472
Via Cup of Joe Show

One More Pun and I'm Disowning You

dad Father parenting pun - 6005383168
Created by Unknown

Too Smrt for Hiz Phon

blackberry facebook pun smart phone smartphone work - 5424672000
Created by Biebermyballs

I Only Need Enough to Thai-d Me Over

food Hall of Fame hungry pun puns - 5327308032
Created by Unknown

Swing and a Miss

dating erection joke pick-up line pun relationships - 5649674496
Created by Unknown

Let Me Mullet Over

AutocoWrecks g rated mobile phones moustache mustache pun texting - 5572961280

Sometimes I Don't Know the Old Testament From the New

christianity jokes moses pun - 5934582016
Via rafoster22

Bad Joke Eel Strikes Again

bad jokes jokes pun - 5783142912
Created by Unknown

Projectile Physics 101

angry birds community pun television TV - 5986181632
Created by Unknown

Autocowrecks: Runs in the Family

AutocoWrecks dating Hall of Fame insult pun relationships - 5906938368
Created by Unknown


cat Cats pun - 5860819200
Created by GirlfriendThatSpendsTooMuchTimeOnTheInternets

5000 Years of Progress

literal pun tablet technology - 5764518400
Created by Unknown
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