This is Neither the Time Nor the Face

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By Unknown

Yo, Marrow?

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Via n-mad10

Ask Not What Autocorrect Can Do For You

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Bacon Bots: Saving the Future One Bit at a Time!

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By InkedGirl

It'll Have You Shivering with Antici......

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By Unknown

Not Your Average Cooking Show

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Via jessimayhem

And Mind Your Own Business

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By Unknown

Just Don't Blink

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By Unknown

Family Resemblance

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By Unknown

Call the Fire Department, lol

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By Unknown

The Dark Lord Will Not Suffer Bad Grammar

Harry Potter voldemort he who must not be named funny - 7686144256
By Unknown

You Might Want to See a Doctor...

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By LysaEtch (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Family Tension

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By Ben

You Jelly?

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By Unknown

I Could Tell You, But Then...

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By squizzy_

That's What a Kiss Can Eventually Lead To...

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By Noosh