To Be Fair, He's Using the "Pet the Bird" App

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But That IS How I Know When I'm Done...

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So What Did We Learn?

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Funny text messages that'll keep you entertained. | oo Verizon LTE 03:44 1 11 Julianna 00 is not palindrome but is also hi Wait No uts not first one is Why are lying Wait need second Oh fuck Oh Jesus right Oh my god iMessage

24 Entertaining Text Messages That'll Crush Your Boredom

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Did You Say That On Porpoise?

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Stop Texting Me and Start Texting Poison Control

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Like Poop Rocks?

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See You at Thanksgiving

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Enjoying the Great Outdoors

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You're Right, That IS Funny

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Somebody Knows How to Talk to a Lady

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Not Your Average Cooking Show

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Hopefully This is Due to Autocorrect and Not an Accurate Description

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Just Can't Corn Troll Myself

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What Do YOU Mean "You People"?

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I Think I Have a New Code Name for My Junk

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