I Will Take This Dump in Honor of a Good Friend

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No Worries, Though

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By Bendyrulz


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By Unknown

AND You Tried Feeding a Green Mushroom to That Dead Guy

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By Unknown

This Cannot End Well

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By ChobitAlice

Whoa Now, Slow Down There

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By Unknown

I Whisper That to Every Car, Just in Case

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By Unknown

True Story

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By Hodgebaba

My Shirt Is So Drinked Up

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By Steve

Not a Wizard

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By Unknown

I Request That You Evacuate the Premises Immidiately

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By Unknown

Time to Hire a Go-Between

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By Unknown

Honk Honk!

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By Unknown

Sit-Down Comedy

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Don't Judge My Lifestyle Choices

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By Unknown

FAIL Blog Was So Drunk Last Night

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By Sanities_Requiem