I Will Take This Dump in Honor of a Good Friend

birthday crap drinking drunk poop spelling - 5378901760

No Good Fart Goes Unpunished

drunk farted farting hungry Party - 5588416768
By jocrox

Brandon Wept

drunk parenting wrong number - 5854413056
By baconbombs

AND You Tried Feeding a Green Mushroom to That Dead Guy

drunk last night mario video games - 5844109056
By Unknown


drunk oops - 6940686080
By Unknown

A Quiet Drunk

dad drunk parenting - 5999730944
Via Scardinosaur

.... Um, Dad, Stay Where You Are, I'll Come Get You.

dads drunk funny - 7562191872
By Unknown

That's When You Know Your Love Is Real

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By Unknown

Honk Honk!

breasts drunk - 6513887488
By Unknown

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, the Magical Pooping Dinosaur

auto correct dinosaur drunk last night mad poop - 5492604928
By Unknown

Easy to Amuse

drunk drunk text high - 5530917888

That's What I Do When I'm Drunk

draw something drunk - 6422155008
By Michael

No Worries, Though

disney drunk Hall of Fame - 5397590528
By Bendyrulz

Auto Correct Understands

auto correct drinking drunk - 5878323200
By Unknown

You're Drunk, and I'm a Phone

drinking drunk siri - 5843834624
Via Sh*t That Siri Says

Like a Foreign Language

drunk drunk text parent parents - 5378767104
By Unknown
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