The One Time It's What I WANT to Say...

duck autocorrect text - 7995084544
By Maxim Kraft

You Need a Permit For That

autocorrect text - 7847156992
By coachjames

Because "Lurgy" Would Have Made Much More Sense...

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Via 0wlz0wlz0wlz

Just Keep Rubbing

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By Mj

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Bavaria

autocorrect Harry Potter Movie - 5335942400
By Unknown

Stop Where?

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Via lasthappyhermit

You're Certainly Not Afraid to Get Something Dirty...

autocorrect facebook - 7354595840
By branden.ward

Those Are in Abundance at the Airport

autocorrect moms text - 8017092352
Via lokii-5-ever

Like Poop Rocks?

autocorrect text funny - 7823025408
Via that-girl-with-wings-on-her-bag

Dry Satay WOULD Be Unappealing

autocorrect text - 8009150720
Via ciarapocalypse

Just Have a Good Time at Work, Okay?

autocorrect text - 7863765760
Via foxracinggurl

Putting out poop fires

autocorrect poop funny - 7568933888
By beccawhitehead

She's Not Used to the iPhone Yet...

autocorrect text - 7867280128
By Jrsbbusa3000 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Strudel is Real!

autocorrect text - 7963595520
Via sahah-sahara-sarah

Why Didn't You Just Say So?

autocorrect text dad funny - 7731150848
By kinesics

It's Right After the BOMPBAHBOMPBAHBOMP Chapter

autocorrect text AutocoWrecks - 7958360064
By BethNicole123 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
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