Bonus Points For the Background

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Via the-devilish-vagabond

Maybe You Should Try Counting Sheep

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Created by Neonkitty216 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Get Ready

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Via iinsanityx

Class Warfare

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He Just Needs to Pay the Bills

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Created by Unknown

Some People Think That it Always Applies

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Via screwyouimbeautiful

Sounds Like a Great Vacation

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Via @troyesivan

Don't Let Him Near Your Fish

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Via thatsanawkwardthingtosay

Never Mind

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Via ew1223

Thanks, Siri

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Created by sara.sutton.904 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Snot Very Important

dads spanish autocorrect text funny - 7439147264
Created by Unknown

I Can Haz Jesus Burger?

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Created by siriusbock

It Rose and Was Reborn

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Via Life of a Gay Space Squid

He Might Still Be Underappreciated

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Via dancing-pickle-mitten

Never Mind, I'll Stay Sick

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Via bearvsshark

Affectionate Nickname?

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Via oswinoswaldofstarshipalaska
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