We're Done Here

autocorrect text funny - 7734460416
Via ohashlee

Just a Little...

autocorrect text AutocoWrecks - 7900850944
Via jazminekhan

Work It

autocorrect work text - 7996656640
By Nourni

Anal Is Exactly Where I Hide It

anal autocorrect hide and seek - 5379530240
By Chelsea

I hate autocorrect

autocorrect text funny - 7606211840
By phantomhivelen

Get Ready

autocorrect text - 7846105600
Via iinsanityx

My Phone Is Trying to Kill Me

autocorrect smoking - 5424400128
By djess-thibault

Don't Make Autocorrect Hide Your Poor Grammar

autocorrect liar socially awkward penguin swype - 5849440512
By Unknown

Who Has the Other Two?

autocorrect text AutocoWrecks - 7831386112
Via Don't Text While Cooking Grenades.

Combo Broken

autocorrect text funny AutocoWrecks - 7722092544
Via signalthesirens-rallythetroops

Oily Fun With Friends

autocorrect text friends - 7844717568
By Unknown

Bonus Points For the Background

autocorrect text - 7990709248
Via the-devilish-vagabond

Just a Friendly Jester For the Queen

autocorrect exes text - 7954726912
By (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The First Statement is Also True

autocorrect text chocolate - 7831356416
Via im-sorry-ilove-you

We're Close Friends

autocorrect siri text - 7975151360
Via misses-daryl-dixon

The Sun Provides Light, Heat, and...

autocorrect text funny - 7797357312
Via larry-blueberry
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