They Still TASTE Like Chicken, Right?

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Created by Unknown

Playing the Hand You're Dealt

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Created by Spectere50

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

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Not a Holiday I Want to Celebrate

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The One Time It's What I WANT to Say...

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Created by Unknown

Sunfishness is Not a Virtue

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Your Name, I'm Trying to Address You!

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The Ethics of Chili

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Created by Unknown

Perfect Movie Snack

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Created by chimpcheese ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Just Be Patient

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Via kaileyjo

Can't Have a Party Without Him

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Best Month of the Year

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Via kyomcheuchet

And She Was Delicious

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Via infinitelemur

Mythology Lesson

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Via The Grunting Orangutan

I Promise I Wouldn't Be So Happy About the First Thing!

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Created by TehPandaGirl ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
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