They're SINGING, Autocorrect

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What Do They Even Do?

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Created by Vivien

I'll Lick Your Ass in Stiletto Heels

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Created by Unknown

I, Uh, I'll Just Put This Lube Back Where I Found It

autocorrect bang bro buttsecks Hall of Fame hang homosexual - 5335856896
Created by Unknown

Body Part Sandwich

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Much Less Complimentary

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Taking a Loo For a Friend

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Created by heyhipster

Sorry, Mom

autocorrect text moms - 7937862400
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The Post-Croesus Scene is Always the Best

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But We Did Have to Wash the Semen Out of His Pants

autocorrect parent relationships semen - 5307982336
Created by Unknown

Hold the Bagel and the Tickle!

autocorrect text - 7946953216
Created by ashleylc01 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Excellent Breath Fresheners

autocorrect text g rated AutocoWrecks - 7913062912
Via hayliefallyn

Read Any Good Potatoes Lately?

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Created by eddieq

Gotta Get Down on Friday

Awkward funny autocorrect text - 7795395840
Via Taylor Ella


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