Autocorrect Strikes While RPGing From a Phone

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By Horsetuna

So It's Not Her Cat?

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More Common Than You'd Think

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By giamarie

Every Holiday Could Use a Few Sweet Threats

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Hopefully This is Due to Autocorrect and Not an Accurate Description

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By drummingcraig

Playing Marco Bone-O

autocorrect dick ducks family pool - 5351583488
By Unknown

He Would if I Gave Him the Chance...

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By ICzero

What Were You TRYING to Say?

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By olliecarp88 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Just Strip, Please

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The Next Step in Advertising

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By Holly Pringle

It Didn't Fit in the Overhead Compartment

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You Need a Permit For That

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By coachjames

Whoops, Autocorrect Turned "Love" Into "Hate," I Swear

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By Unknown

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Bavaria

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By Unknown


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A Man of Many Talents

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By Brian