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The Whiskey Water Trick

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People Kind of Need Water Too

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Who Needs Water?

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Water You Doing On The Floor?!

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In Australia Beer Is Cheaper Than Water

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Beer Is More Delicious Than Water

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Sometimes Miracles Happen

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Everyone Likes Beer

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Such Miracles

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Good Point

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So Beer Is the Combination of Fire and Water?

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Always Have Some Water

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How Much Water Is Lethal

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Not Sure That's a Reason to Visit Portland

beer made from sewage water in portland
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Get That Hydrating Crap Outta Here, Jill

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Can't Tell if Good Tipper, Or Angry Customer...

Fail tip giver of a tip inside a glass of water that is upside down and full of water with the money inside the the water. Hard to tell if good tipper or angry customer.
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