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You Could Put a Goldfish in That, And it Wouldn't Even Die

Sad beer water funny after 12 g rated - 7859544832
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Sure, "Water"

water liquor bottles hidden - 6678178816
Created by Unknown

In Australia Beer Is Cheaper Than Water

beer water australia cheap funny - 8135403776
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Death heroin IV water - 6120156672
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Sometimes Miracles Happen

drunk miracles funny wine water - 8096702976
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Always Have Some Water

drunk water hungover funny after 12 g rated - 8384821760
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How Much Water Is Lethal

water science - 8284862208
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Can't Tell if Good Tipper, Or Angry Customer...

Fail tip giver of a tip inside a glass of water that is upside down and full of water with the money inside the the water. Hard to tell if good tipper or angry customer.
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Just Confuse Vodka for Water

water note vodka funny - 8225771776
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Not Sure That's a Reason to Visit Portland

beer made from sewage water in portland
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Thanks Jesus!

bottle funny wine water - 8153803776
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Like Sex in a Canoe

beer germans water america funny - 7778408960
Created by knife-hider

So Beer Is the Combination of Fire and Water?

beer water fire funny - 7649693184
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Everyone Likes Beer

beer facts water after 12 g rated - 7934577920
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Jesus Makes Your Sunday Better

jesus water sunday wine - 7414962176
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The Lesson Here is the Always Drink Whiskey

whiskey water after 12 g rated - 6891294208
Created by Unknown
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