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Did you get that text? No? Well dive into some of the funniest and punniest texts you will ever see. Whether it's an SMS or a clever note, you'll get plenty of ideas how to make your passive aggressive intentions known, or relate to a terrible mistake. Either way, laughter will be had.

Magic Is Easier When You're Drunk

Harry Potter last night text - 4871824384
Created by Unknown

Oh Look, Autocorrect Worked This Time

funny drunk text Oh Look, Autocorrect Worked This Time
Via its-17-august-b**ch

It's Okay, I Believe You

AutocoWrecks iphone olympics text text message texting - 6478436608
Created by Unknown

This is What Happens When You Have a Party

text Party funny - 6543907328
Created by Annon

Speaking in Drunkish

drunk texting drunkish facebook iphone phone sms text - 6210447616
Created by Unknown

Well, That's Not Awkward

drunk text funny after 12 - 8270454528
Via Bonifatus

The Circle of Life

cat lion king text - 4889809408
Created by Unknown

Ninth Time's the Charm

autocorrect AutocoWrecks drunk iphone sms text text message texting txt msg - 6359752704
Created by Unknown

Hang On a Sec, Poop is Texting Me Again

AutocoWrecks poop sms text text message texting - 6417092608
Created by Unknown

Don't Tell Me What to Do! I'll Stop When I'm Good and Ready To!

drinking funny fight Don't Tell Me What to Do! I'll Stop When I'm Good and Ready To!
Via HauntedSnail
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The Thing Is Coming...

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Legend of the Drunken Master

drunk phone sms text text message texting txt msg vegetables - 6307275008
Created by Unknown

You Know You're Ready For a Vacation When You Drunk Text the Airport For a Booty Call

funny fail tweet image girl booty calls the airport with drunk text
Via @annievicvic

Way to Go, Amanda

text driving funny - 6443216896
Created by Unknown
Music drunk text funny - 58498305

Do You Drunk Text Yourself?

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Have You Every Been Drunk Enough to Had a Text Argument With Yourself All Night?

funny fail image drunk bro argues with himself all night via text
Via The Mirror
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