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St Patrick's Day ISS awesome science astronaut - 292612

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day From SPAAAAAAAACE

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The Periodic Table of Booze

booze periodic table science funny - 7953764864
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Now That's a Diet for Winners

beer health chocolate science funny - 7847374336
Created by Unknown
beer videos science - 48859393

The Art and Science of Beer

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You Can Now Brew Morphine With Specialized Yeast

science drugs brewing You Can Now Brew Morphine With Specialized Yeast
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Drinking Without the Health Risks and Hangovers

booze amazing science drug stuff - 7899776768
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Now Those Are Some Good Reasons

beer awesome health science - 8258305536
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drugs brain science funny Video Mushrooms - 69379841

What Do Shrooms Do to Your Brain?

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The Physics of Green Beer Bottles

green beer physics science bottles - 7589028608
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flavor delicious science wine tasting - 57444865

The Flavors of Wine

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beer drugs science marijuana - 62674689

Marijuana Vs Beer

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alcohol bear booze cartoons drinking drunk pedobear science time travel - 25592321

What Happens When You Drink At Home

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The Wonders Of Nature

nature passed out science - 5116036864
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beer wtf robot science funny after 12 g rated - 53287169

The Keg Robot

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wine science illusion - 63017217

Water to Wine Transmogrifier

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The FAIL Blog Brand Breathalyzer

breathalyzer drunk driving FAIL science shameless self-promotion technology - 5500070400
Created by philladelphonic

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