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News Pun WIN

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By Unknown
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US Approves Sales of Powdered Alcohol: Palcohol

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Underground Booze Pipeline Discovered in Kazakhstan

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By Unknown

Meth...Maybe Once

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By Unknown

You Can Now Brew Morphine With Specialized Yeast

science drugs brewing You Can Now Brew Morphine With Specialized Yeast
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Now That's What I Call a Party

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Via ABC 6

This Kid Planned a Hell of a Party

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Via Huffington Post

Pub in DC Bans Tipping

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Via Booze News

In Other News, NO DUH

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By G-Unit1111 (Via MSN)
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These Guys Stole a Penguin and Swam With Dolphins

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Bikini Wearing Granny Arrested for DUI

grandma gets in car accident while drunk
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Dude, Where's My Car Is Real?

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By Unknown

The Bottle Made of Paper

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By Unknown

New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd Writes About Getting High in Colorado, Twitter Responds Hilariously

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Somethings Are Harder When You're High

quote funny Lance Armstrong news after 12 - 8364338688
Via Wolfdale

Booze News: A Man's Got to Know When He's Had Too Much

arrest homeless news police - 4888461312
Via St. Petersburg Times
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