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Whiskey Saves

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Via The New Zealand Herald

Not That They're Expensive Drunks Anyway

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Pub in DC Bans Tipping

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Via Booze News

You Just Can't Get the Day Started Without One

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Thirsty Gentleman Who Tried to Steal 27 Cases of Beer

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A River of Whiskey Flows Through Scotland

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Public Service Announcement: Please Don't Smoke Your Booze

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Via Times of India
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Someone's Been Partying in the Library

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A Florida Man Known as "Fat Boy" Hides His Drug Stash in Exactly the Place a Guy Called "Fat Boy" Would

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Via NY Daily News

Newspapers Love Puns

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Via Ravenous Sloth

A True Hero

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Via Miniblaze
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The Party of the Century

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This Jerk Got Arrested Four Times for Drunk Driving... in 30 Hours

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Wine Helps Increase Fertility in Men

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Crunk Critters: Cats Make The Best Drug Dealers, No One Suspects Them

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Student Who Posted "It's Better to Die of Vodka, Than to Die of Boredom" Dies From Vodka Shots

Please, drink responsibly.
Via Metro
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