After 12


Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

The Turkey Needs its Fix

spoon drugs Turkey funny - 8386204416
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The Adventure Begins

adventure drugs lsd sign - 5416660224
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drugs toy story Party funny college - 66575361

Andy Brought His Toys to College

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Some Chickens Know How to Party

party chicken drugs billboard Some Chickens Know How to Party
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Sorry, Boss I'm a Little Spaced Out

Don't smoke weed before work
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I Love You From Here To The Shroom

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Annnnnd There I Go

drugs high marijuana Music - 7014057984
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They've Been Doing it Wrong All Along!

drugs marijuana 420 doing it wrong math after 12 - 7379853824
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This Guy Is Taking a Swing

legalize recreational cocaine
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Billy, Your Grandma Always Seems So...Chill

umbrella drugs weed funny - 8382986752
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So THAT'S How He Gets Around So Fast

christmas drugs Hall of Fame santa clause - 5554709248
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It's Totally Cool, Bro.

he lost the ball, but the weed helps
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drugs FAIL dentist Video - 78371329

After Getting a Few Wisdom Teeth Removed, This Girl Thinks She's Kylie Jenner

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Or Go With the Hunter S. Thompson Approach and Do Every Single One

drugs Hunter S Thompson comics after 12 g rated - 7085597952
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Party Time In Ponyville

drinking drugs drunk morning after my little pony texting - 5676855296
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