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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.


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Blaze That Sign Down!

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What's a Drug? I Don't Even Know!

breaking bad drugs drug dealer walter white - 7116387840
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Crunk Critters: But Look How Happy She Is!

crunk critters drugs happy magic Mushrooms - 5352566272

A Lovely Little Sign

you have to keep your friends from doing drugs in your bathroom
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Ecstasy & Crystal Meth Are Legal in Ireland for the Next 48 Hours

follow the rainbow to a wonderful drug-filled pot of gold!
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Frighteningly True

drugs marijuana bong - 6827656704
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Hey, it Happens

memory drugs football funny after 12 - 8374185216
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drugs gross Party puke - 4534071552
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vegetables wtf drugs weed Video after 12 g rated - 69137409

This Just In! Pot Heads Are Slaves to Vegetables!

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There's a Cure for That

sign talks about weed curing stress
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The Bible Didn't Say Anything About NOT Smoking Weed...

drugs marijuana bible smoking weed - 6880702208
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That Elvish Bread Will Mess You Up, Man

drugs hallucinating Lord of the Rings psychedelic - 5412250112
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Choose Your Drugs Wisely

drugs marijuana coke - 6841929984
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Some Kittens Are Full of Drugs

drugs kitten Cats funny - 8413451520
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As Opposed to Last Night

a&e drugs intervention Joey pizza - 6277095168
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