After 12


Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Mommy, Have You Seen My Blow?

blow coke drugs kids parenting - 6276116480
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Oh What a State

Colorado drugs marijuana legalized - 6749103360
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drugs videos safety after 12 - 46639873

Drugs Greatly Improve Everyone's Quality of Life

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Delicious Supernova Powder!

Charlie Sheen coke drugs - 6161926144
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And Just Remember...

dont-do-drugs drugs school stay in school vegetables - 6283082752
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Whaaaat Could It Possibly Be

wheel of fortune drugs marijuana after 12 - 7383176192
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drugs weed funny Video - 64467969

You Smell Weed?

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It's a Horrible Drug

wtf drugs meth funny after 12 - 8365380608
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drugs facebook true facts - 6030784256
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Watch Out, They're Very Dangerous!

drugs marijuana dangerous - 7346301440
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High On Turban

bourbon drinking drugs high - 5651400192
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Side-Effects Include:

acid billboard bus stop drugs Hall of Fame poop poop joke - 5369236736
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The Chillest Iguana

the mariguana is the highest reptile
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Ecstasy & Crystal Meth Are Legal in Ireland for the Next 48 Hours

follow the rainbow to a wonderful drug-filled pot of gold!
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My God... This Is The Most Colorful White I've Ever Seen

colors drugs pot tobacco - 5802440192
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Weed Fixes Everything

marijuana makes everyone happy
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