After 12


I'm Good to Go, Brah

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By Unknown

He Deserved It

cops revenge - 7240328448
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Oh Lawdy Praise Jesus!

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The Police Love a Good Beer Bong

philly cops love a beer bong
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We've All Been There Amirtye?

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By G-Unit1111 (Via MSN)

Uh Oh, Po Po!

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By Unknown

Getting Arrested Like a Boss

arrested cops Like a Boss police - 6324787200
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Take THAT Snow!

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By Unknown
cops marijuana weed police - 63564033

Magician Pranks a Cop by Trying to Sell Weed to Him

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By dorkhater7

A Cop Celebration! A Copulation! Wait...

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By Unknown

Not How You Should Talk to the Cops

Cops love to party, but not when they pull you over.
Via Pathan007
cops drinking alcohol FAIL driving Video police - 78457089

This is How You Talk Yourself into a DUI

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Never Drop the Beer

cops beer bad idea funny - 8043196160
By Unknown

Eating Seven of Them May Have Been a Bad Idea...

cops drugs marijuana brownies - 6958681600
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