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Needs Some Crunch With Your Cocktail?

broccoli funny cocktail - 7824812032
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A Little Drink of Sunshine

summer sunshine funny cocktail - 7470906880
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Don't Drink, That Looks Radio Active

awesome funny cocktail - 7490909696
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awesome pink gin funny cocktail - 51219969

Like the Color Pink? Like Gin? Well, Here You Go!

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A Fancy Cocktail for Nights Alone Playing Video Games

mountain dew doritos video games funny cocktail after 12 g rated - 8413476864
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terminator How To cocktail Video - 70885121

How To Make a Metallic Terminator Themed Cocktail

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Layering Master: Now Everyone Can Make Sweet Layered Cocktails

layered cocktails are a pain in the butt, until now!
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funny cocktail - 55873793

Drink Hard and Die Hard

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drink awesome crime funny cocktail - 50600705

A Drink So Good It's a Crime

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Need Some Crab With Your Bloody Mary?

bloody mary crab funny cocktail - 7523404800
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eww Movie cocktail - 55205889

Drink the Juice of Beetles

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batman funny cocktail - 56062465

The Drink that Induces Fear

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Welcome to Heaven

awesome bloody mary cocktail funny after 12 g rated - 8116069376
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gin funny cocktail - 52387841

This Drink is the Bees Knees!

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awesome liquor cocktail gin and tonic - 64119041

The Garden Gin & Tonic

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drinking history recipe cocktail Video - 71245057

100 Years of Cocktails

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