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The Drink That Needs a Warning

one great cocktail the weed killer
Via nas lemak
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A Drink for John Green

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Summer Drinks: The Liberty Whiskey Cocktail!

summer drinks whiskey delicious funny cocktail - 7601079040
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Drink This and Hit the Floor

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One Fast Cocktail

Mario Kart funny cocktail - 7782483712

The 23,000 Dollar Cocktail Glass

wtf expensive funny cocktail - 7758024192
awesome liquor cocktail gin and tonic - 64119041

The Garden Gin & Tonic

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Skittle Shots Taken to a New Level

cocktail drink health nerdgasm - 6066813952
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drink awesome crime funny cocktail - 50600705

A Drink So Good It's a Crime

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Breakfast of Champions

beer tequila margaritas funny cocktail - 7997293568
gin funny cocktail - 52387841

This Drink is the Bees Knees!

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Welcome to Heaven

awesome bloody mary cocktail funny after 12 g rated - 8116069376
Via Unknown

Don't Drink, That Looks Radio Active

awesome funny cocktail - 7490909696
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Drinking Raises Awareness, Right?

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The Perfect Moejito

clever cocktail moe mojito simpsons - 5914813696
Created by Caldwell

Every Wanted to Drink a Man's Face?

wtf art eww cocktail - 7856540416
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