After 12


Gonna Be a White Trashed Wedding

cigarette dress wedding - 4888965376
By Unknown

Have You Ever Been So Drunk...

blacked out blackout cigarette marker passed out pen robocop sharpie - 6214083072
By Unknown

Mickey Comes Down

cigarette mickey mickey mouse smoking - 6420541440
By Unknown

Somebody's Happy

beer cigarette drunk face Party weird wtf - 4552495872


angry cigarette passed out stomach tape - 4323369216
By mcveyla

Good Job, Crotch. High-Five.

cigarette passed out - 4846603776
By Unknown

Close Enough

bed cigarette passed out so close - 4338587648
By xxandiex

Crunk Critters: Got A Light?

cigarette crunk critters fish smoking - 5025127680
By Unknown

Hothead With A Banana

banana cigarette couch passed out weird - 4581871360
By Snake73

Do Not, I Repeat, Do NOT Be the First One to Fall Asleep

cigarette drawn on marker passed out sharpie - 6491090432
By tonihani

Breakfast Of Champions

apple breakfast cigarette drunk passed out - 4581888512
By Snake73

Suddenly, Pizza!

cigarette pizza - 6422889472
By Unknown

2011: Same Crap as Last Year

beer cigarette hat puke - 4319923456

He's Even More Glamorous When He's Sleeping

cigarette passed out - 4948461824
By Unknown

Nice Boobies

bra cigarette makeup passed out - 4284537344
By roblombardi
cigarette cigarettes crunk critters goat smoking tobacco - 38508545

Crunk Critters: Chill Goat Smokes a Cig

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