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Love at First Beer

beer is a man's true love
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An Ultra Beer for an Ultra-Man

beer funny - 7905909248
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Note the Subtle Difference

beer funny failbook g rated - 7843765504
By Slothman48

Couldn't Possibly Be Underage

beer underage funny keg - 8411032320
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No Better Time to Keg Stand

beer wedding Party funny after 12 g rated - 6476700928
By rachelforgot2

Those Are Some Excellent Family Gatherings

beer drunk awesome family funny after 12 g rated - 8421895168
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An Honest Menu

beer menu honesty funny after 12 - 8070579456
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beer foam frozen kirin - 36668161

Keep Calm and Keep Cold

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Tanked Tune Thursday: Oktoberfest Gangsta

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Some Serious Crazy Eyes

beer drugs art eyes funny - 8387123456
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beer cans after 12 - 7309696000
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Are You Ready for New Years?

beer new years Party fridge funny - 7975187200
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Moderation is Key

alcohol beer drinking moderation - 6544846080
By Unknown

Somebody's Happy

beer cigarette drunk face Party weird wtf - 4552495872

Someone Pull His Shorts Up!

beer butt shorts wtf - 4710229248
By Snake73
beer guinness advertisements funny after 12 g rated - 54500353

An Actually Moving Beer Commercial

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