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Are You a Keeper?

Earl dibbles loves a woman who drinks beer
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Master of Beer-Fu

beer kung fu stacking - 6064514048
By Bhoonii
commercial Norway beer wtf funny Video - 66520321

Beer Commercials Are Getting Insane

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Beer Makes Cats Sleepy

beer Cats funny - 8190217728
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beer head funny - 56077825

Making a Better Smelling Beer

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One Fancy Beer Chandelier

beer art chandelier funny - 7752385536
By Unknown
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Introducing: Sloshed Songs Sunday!

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An Incredible Superpower

He must be magic!
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Damn Right It Is

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By Unknown

Pour Properly!

beer pour funny - 8382485248
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Booze News: On the Bright Side, We Will Get to Have Boobs

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Beer Under the Microscope

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Can I Substitute the Potato for Beer?

funny beer sign Can I Substitute the Potato for Beer?
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Everyone Knows That!

beer funny bacon - 7757841152
By Unknown

Best Day Ever

any day with a truck crash and free beer is a good day
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Sometimes You Need Liquid Courage

beer courage ads funny - 7634625280
By Unknown