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Hey Kids, Hand Me My Screwdriver!

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The Classy Kids Use Straws

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Turning a Beer Bottle Into a Glass

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Heading to the Bar With My Bud

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The Only Shades I Need

the fifty shades of beer
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The Hop Cast

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Best Illustration of Your Ex's Heart

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For When Grandpa Needs His Medicine

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The Beer Flowchart

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Somethings Never Change, But the Bottle Does

drinking, dumping, and reading
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Some Wonderfully Colorful Cocktails

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The Spill-Proof Wine Glass

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I Need One of Those For My House

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A Drink So Good It's a Crime

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Mackinlay Whiskey Recreated from Shackleton's Secret Stash

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One More Reason to Live in Japan

Japan has beer vending machines
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