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The Spill-Proof Wine Glass

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Meth...Maybe Once

news wtf meth awesome funny after 12 - 8277442816
Created by Unknown

Know Your Beer Colors

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Via Chicorei

Delerium Tremens, Drink Until You See Things

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Created by Unknown
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You Need a Drinking Horn, Trust Me

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The Greatest Medicine of All Time

medicine awesome weed funny after 12 - 8394737664
Via Brown Cardigan

The Ultimate Beer Table

beer table awesome funny - 8320827136
Via The Decadent Rapscallion
beer awesome brewing Video - 66940417

Behold the Brewie!

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beer awesome delicious - 7997323264
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There's No Party Like Snow Parties

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Beer Tubs: The Thing You Didn't Know You Wanted

beer tubs are the manliest bathrooms
Via Luxuryon

Layering Master: Now Everyone Can Make Sweet Layered Cocktails

layered cocktails are a pain in the butt, until now!
Via Layering Master

Beer, It Gives You Awesome Ideas

beer good idea awesome pig funny - 8402604288
Via Demacho

Need Some Drunken Lights?

lights awesome funny bottles - 7542166016
Created by Unknown

Every Damn Time

drunk awesome hats Party funny after 12 - 8295431168
Via Blue Paz 20

We Can Only Hope

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Created by Unknown
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