Hot Mic of the Day: Wisconsin Basketball Player Calls Stenographer ‘Beautiful’ in Press Conference

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Hot mics… they’ll get you every time. Just ask Robert Durst.

Fortunately, this latest gaffe was a lot more innocent.

Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes was having some fun with the stenographers at a press conference in L.A. on Wednesday, trying to test their skills with a complicated word: “syzygy.”

Soon after, one of these women caught his attention, and he shared his opinion of her with his teammates unaware that everyone in the room could hear him as well.

“God she’s beautiful,” he said, quickly realizing his mistake. He then covered his face in shame as he was suddenly thrust into viral video stardom.

One Woman Had a Bad Hair Day on New York's L Train

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Though the commuter was able to pack herself in to the very late L train, a bit of hair didn't quite make the cut!

A Restaurant in North Carolina is in Deep Trouble After Accidentally Serving a 2 Year Old Booze

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The Gilliam family ordered cranberry juice for their toddler Gabriela, but when she took a sip they immediately noticed something was wrong. Taking a drink from her child's cup themselves, they discovered it was actually sangria (the preferred drink of college lit majors looking to forget that they need to read Joyce for Wednesday's class).

After several trips to local doctors and monitoring Gabriela's sleep patterns she's totally fine, but not after a tiny toddler bender ("She was kissing everything"). 

Hopefully she won't experience that kind of feeling again until college. Or at least late high school, who are we kidding.

Fail of the Day: Guy Busted for Using ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ to Drive in HOV Lane

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There are lots of simple things you can do to get to work on time. This is not one of them.

A man in Washington was caught by state troopers using a cardboard cutout of the “Most Interesting Man in the World” from the Dos Equis ads as a passenger to fool authorities into letting him use the HOV lane.

Needless to say, it didn’t work, and he was fined.

Trooper Guy Gill Tweeted out the photo on Tuesday, giving the guy some props for trying.

“I don’t always violate the HOV lane law,” he wrote. “But when I do, I get a $124 ticket! We’ll give him an A for creativity!”

After being pulled over, the driver told the officer that the man was his “best friend.”

This might have been a big fail, but the real Dos Equis guy could have gotten away with it.