We're All Deeply Confused By This Horse That Was Photographed Entering a Bus In London

It's not every day you see a horse making moves at entering a double-decker bus in London...or like anywhere for that matter. The horse was photographed by politician Simon Crowcroft while he was out on a road in London. Before mass hysteria set in amongst, well everyone, a TfL Bus Alerts Twitter account was able to try and bring some clarity to the situation.

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Ladies and Gentleman, we got him.

60 years since first started terrorizing Whoville, robbing them of Christmas, the Grinch has been apprehended in Ithaca, NY of all places.

TIME reports that “Officer Colin Hayward Toland, a 9-year-old honorary member of the Ithaca police force who’s battled brain cancer for most of his life, arrested the Grinch on Tuesday for the crime of ‘stealing Christmas.’”

via Nonstop Awkward

Because this is America, where everyone has the right to a fair and speedy trial, the Grinch plead not guilty to “stealing Christmas,” in spite Whoville residents’ allegations. Wise and just, Toland, acting as the Grinch's counsel, argued for probation because it's Christmas. The Judge, who's heart must've grown two sizes after hearing a 9-year-old police officer defend the Grinch, struck a plea deal, and the Grinch was sentenced to probation and to spend Christmas with Toland and his family.

Watch below to see justice in action.

Via AL.com
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There are a thousand ways to say “I love you,” but tricking your partner into thinking your life's in danger probably isn’t one of them.

In a scary example of how common police brutality is in our culture, Daiwon McPherson of Mobile, Alabama used the horrific practice to the same ends as a flash mob, proposing to his girlfriend of five years after pretending to be victimized by police. Nothing says “let’s be together forever” like a traumatizing reminder of the grim realities of life.


McPherson pulled the stunt off with the help of local police, who for some reason were more than happy to stage a scene of police violence in the name of love, drawing real gun on a real person in the name of a real blessed union. There’s nothing quite like watching your partner’s face switch from terror to confusion to relief in the blink of an eye.

The whole event started when McPherson never showed up for dinner and drinks with his girlfriend, when she got a call that he was “he was running from the cops while in possession of a gun,” according to The Daily Dot.

via Nickelodeon

Meanwhile, McPherson had already spoken to police earlier, hoping that the video would go viral “to show an instance of police working with the community for a positive outcome.” Apparently, there are no other positive things police could do for their communities. Maybe, like, a charity car wash or something? Maybe police-hosted picnic? Maybe police talking to people in the community without their guns drawn? I don't know. Just spitballing here.

Of course, this hilarious gag plays on the videos of actual tragedies. As The Daily Dot rightly points out, “In the past three years, many videos involving police altercations with black civilians have gone viral for their depictions of police brutality, including the tragic deaths of Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and Tamir Rice.”

Lesson learned: If you're proposing, stick to flash mobs.