Urban Outfitters Attempted to Sell a "Vintage, One of a Kind" Sweater That Reminded Everyone of a Bloody Protest Battle

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Though the shirt has been removed from their site (or sold out), Urban Outfitters got into hot water this weekend for this stained and damaged "vintage" Kent State sweater. The historically-minded among you will recognize Kent State as the site of a Vietnam War protest in 1970 that ended with the police shooting of four student protesters.

Urban Outfitters claims that the item's appearance is due to aging, stains, and miscoloration, though obviously it looks more than a little like the violent aftermath of the protest itself. Their official statement on the sweater doesn't help their case much:

TL;DR: Company known for ripping off art designs, pandering to bratty youths, and doing attention-grabbing things to gain publicity among other attention-grabbing bratty youths acts according to form. Carry on.

The Suit Grabbed More Attention Than the Content in Today's Presidential Press Conference

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Tweet above from Jared Keller.

The President held a press conference today to speak about international affairs in Ukraine and the escalating conflict with the ISIS. Of course, all Twitter was able to talk about was his suit. For example:

Via Doktor Zoom.

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