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The Associated Press reports:

A man from the San Francisco Bay area has fathered 14 children in the last five years through free sperm donations to women he meets through his website — and is now in trouble with the federal government. Arsenault says he donates sperm out of a sense of service to help people who want to have children but can't afford conventional sperm banks. The 36-year-old minister's son has four more children on the way. "I always had known through people praying at church that there's fertility issues," Arsenault told The Associated Press on Monday. "I thought it would just be a neat way of service to help the community."

I think it's pretty safe to say that's a "Baby-making FAIL," right?

Check for more information in the via link!

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Every time I talk to my European friends, they bemoan that the drinking age is 21 in the United States where everyone else in the world can go to a bar and order a pint by the time they're 18 (or younger in some places (hey Germany!)). I can see their point, especially when the allure of drinking can drive our young kids to hit the bottle at such an early age. Check them all out below!

Get a Quick Sip of That, Why Don't Ya

Look at this dad, just standing by while his child spirals into a TOTALLY INEVITABLE AND UNAVOIDABLE BOUT WITH ALCOHOLISM.

Use Whatever Pacifier You Have On Hand

If it weren't for the fact that this baby just lost her Jedi mind-powers that beer would already be in her tiny, fragile hands:

Of All the Times to Lose those Force Powers...