you make bad poop, you're gonna get stabbed
Via: Metro.UK
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A japanese woman has allegedly slashed her husband across the face after he left the bathroom in a less than usable state. 

The man had been eating Pepper Jack Cheez-Its® (I can only assume it was an unconscionable amount) prior to the dump in question.

Via Metro:

Her anger was further fuelled when he tried to help their 3-year-old son use the toilet ‘without washing his own hands first’, she said, Jiji Press and other local media reported.

‘The toilet stinks so much that the child cannot even use it,’ Jiji reported her as saying.


Guy Creates a Special Game Developer Barbie For His Wife and Wins All the Points

His wife really wanted to buy the new Game Developer Barbie, but the doll only came as a white girl with red hair. So, Marcus made things happen and created his very own DIY Developer Barbie.

Marcus and Lisette Montgomery are both video game developers. They even started their own website to celebrate diversity in the video game industry.

So, when the two found out about the Game Developer Barbie they knew it was a must have.

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