49 Hilarious Moments, Bios, and Conversations That Perfectly Capture the Ups and Downs of That Crazy Little Thing Called Tinder

Tinder is a melting pot of shamelessly thirsty sex fiends and respectable put together denizens looking to find love, and self-proclaimed extroverts that act more like introverts, and people 'not looking to hook up'....and honestly, so much more. To go on with the endless series of strange and entertaining and wildly unexpected encounters you're bound to experience while fucking around on Tinder would be pointless. Let's just say it's invited a whole new source, venue as it were for relatable, humorous struggles. Cause that's gotta be the core component of dating, right? It's a damn struggle. 

So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the many ridiculous and surprisingly frequently relatable Tinder moments shared for our pleasure.

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